Pepsi × Alexander Wang 百事跨界亚力山大王,打造最潮百事盖念店

Pepsi UTC and Black Can Great Launch Campaign Only zhu   Oct 13 2017

2016年底,百事和麦际发起了2017年揭盖有奖的合作项目的讨论,双方提出探讨品牌升级和促销升级的方向,并提议Pepsi Black携手Alexander Wang合作的构想,经过6个月的沟通,Alexander Wang 最终完美呈现了跨界合作的限量罐的设计,并通过Video 准确传播了Pepsi Black的黑色态度。


这次,百事携手Alexander Wang的重磅上线,无糖黑罐诠释黑色新定义,百事号召粉丝揭盖赢跨界限量单品,媒体争相报道,时尚KOL发声,火速占据话题的制高热点,百事盖念店,创造无限可能,率先颠覆传统促销UTC平台,联名国内外先锋设计师,掌握最IN潮流装备,开启年轻创造新平台。

Pepsi and Loftooo initiated discussions on the UTC Promotion projects for year 2017  . Pepsi and Loftooo proposed to discuss the direction of brand and promotion upgrades, and proposed the concept of cooperation between Pepsi Black and Alexander Wang. After six months communication, Alexander Wang finally perfectly presented the design of crossover cooperation for Pepsi limited can and accurately spread Pepsi Black’s black attitude through Video. In this crossover collaboration, the industry responded unprecedentedly, and both the index of brand awareness and the sales turnover have been greatly improved, and the conversion rate of the activity has extremely exceeded the average level of industry.

Alexander Wang X Pepsi









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